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Aluminum doors and windows to buy skills analysis?

Today, I will tell you a problem, this problem is that we have been neglected in the housing decoration problem, that is, windows and doors to buy the problem. Door and window decoration is one of the most important part of housing decoration, and must not be ignored. So, today I will tell you a good talk about the.

Aluminum doors and windows to buy skills analysis:

1. Regular or production license of the manufacturer, in its obvious position of aluminum alloy products are marked with the product logo, including: manufacturer or trademark, product name, product model or mark, manufacture date or number. The packing box should have obvious "moisture", "carefully put" and "upward" words and signs.

2 doors and windows decorative surface should not be obvious damage, it refers to the windows and doors of the surface of the protective film should not have scratches scratches marks. Adjacent members on the windows and doors should not have a coloring surface color. There shall be no aluminum crumbs, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the surface of the doors and windows, and there shall be no spillage of adhesive at the assembly joints. Aluminum alloy door and window frame size deviation is small as well.

3. Aluminum alloy door and window components should be connected firmly, the need for corrosion-resistant filling material to make the connection part of the seal, waterproof.

4. Material in the materials used mainly in this regard can refer to: Thickness: aluminum sliding door 70 series, 90 series of two, residential interior sliding door with 70 series can be. The number of series represents the number of millimeters of the thickness of the door frame. Aluminum alloy sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series of four. Series selection should be based on window hole size and local wind pressure value may be. Aluminum alloy sliding window for enclosed balconies shall be not less than 70 series.

In the housing decoration design, in the purchase of doors and windows, I still prefer aluminum doors and windows, because my home is aluminum doors and windows, and now my house has been a decade, and aluminum doors and windows are not at all Deformation, and that did not fade, and really is a particularly good windows and doors, and the price is very fair.

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